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Redoblar la inversión pública eficiente y tractora, es el momento (Neure Kabuz Column)

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Next Generation EU; a la espera del maná milagroso… (Neure Kabuz Column)

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¿Nuevas métricas para un triple objetivo económico, social y de sostenibildad? (Neure Kabuz Column)

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Y nuevamente septiembre (Neure Kabuz Column)

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Predecir en la incertidumbre (Neure Kabuz Column)

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Vencer a la estadística (Neure Kabuz Column)

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Economía, política y… sociedad (Neure Kabuz Column)

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Co-Creating the future of health

“The world and health industry demands to deal with its pending revolution. Calls for radical transformation aimed at generating health value. The system has a positive assessment and citizen perception and is facing a unique opportunity for its flexibility, improvement and new horizons redefinition”. Jon Azua, presidente de EnovatingLab comparte en el blog de BeConfluence sus reflexiones sobre el

Innovación política. Estrategia inteligente (Neure Kabuz Column)

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Towards a new map for competitiveness, prosperity and inclusive development…

Collaboration of Jon Azua in #Estrategia00009 book published by B+I Strategy. As every year, Jon Azua participates in the book #Estrategia00009 published by B+I Strategy, with the article: Towards a new map for competitiveness, prosperity and inclusive development… At the presentation that, was broadcast by streaming on June 17, took place a colloquium between: Jon Fernández,

El valor de la solidaridad social (Neure Kabuz Column)

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Commission on Social and Economic Reconstruction

Invited by the Commission on Social and Economic Reconstruction after COVID-19, at the Congress of Deputies, Jon Azua explained the considerations to strengthen/rebuild a new health systema, the oportunity of new European Health initiatives and a series of proposals and recommendations for social and economic transformation that pursue the objectives set by the Congress. Document

Work Meetings

On June 15th, Jon Azua and Carlos Álvarez opened the sessions of the “FINECO Work Meetings” that have been organized since 20 years. The “Health Panel”, along with the other three planned throughout this week (Economic Panel, Markest and Strategy of investment panel and Fiscal Panel), form the New Digital Edition of Work Meetings. This panel

Innovation WEBINAR

“The role of Innovation in the new stage”, organized by Innobasque, began a process of reflection around the keys to move towards social, economic and institutional transformation that must be before and post COVID, and the role of innovation in it. Emiliano López Atxurra, president of Petronor and the Tecnalia Technology Corporation, and Jon Azua,

Pesadilla en Estados Unidos (Neure Kabuz Column)

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En tiempos de reconstrucción… intensidad innovativa y emprendedora (Neure Kabuz Column)

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Liderando con propósito (Neure Kabuz Column)

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Ganar nuestro futuro (Neure Kabuz Column)

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Covid-19 y Pactos de La Moncloa: ¿salida corresponsable? (Neure Kabuz Column)

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¿Qué ocurrió durante esos meses perdidos? (Neure Kabuz Column)

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Crash pandémico: revisitar nuevos modelos de crecimiento y desarrollo (Neure Kabuz Column)

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Interview – El Economista


Zorionak – Feliz Navidad – Merry Christmas

From Enovatinglab we wish you a Merry Christmas

Professor Antoni Subirá -IESE Business School


Yellow vests, gilet jaunes, chalecos amarillos…A traffic light for new disruptive strategies

Jon Azua, as every year, participates in the book #Estrategia00008 published by B+I Strategy, with the article titled: Yellow vests, gilet jaunes, yellow vests

Zorionak – Feliz Navidad – Merry Christmas

From Enovatinglab we wish you a Merry Christmas!

35 Anniversary of Osakidetza


Seminar: “New engines for the economic growth and employment generation” in San José (Costa Rica)

Jon Azua-Enovatinglab shares, in the Seminar, experiences on policies of clusters and productive development in the Autonomous Community of the Basque country

Value-Based Health Care Delivery

Course given from 2 to 4 July in Bilbao with Jon Azua’s participation

Weaving convergent strategies in the Co-Creation of Value: Application to a Health model in Isolated Areas

Collaboration of Jon Azua in #Estrategia00007 book published by B+I Strategy.

International Study Tour (IESDE)


SHV Seminar

A Seminar taught by Jon Azua to B+I Strategy

Zorionak – Feliz Navidad – Merry Christmas

From Enovatinglab we wish you a Merry Christmas

Orkestra’s 10th Anniversary

Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness has celebrated on Monday, November 21, its tenth anniversary.

XX Anniversary of Bilbao Guggenheim Museum

Today, October 18, the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum celebrates its XX Anniversary.

Jon Azua and Mikel Navarro Interview (BERRIA)

Facing the challenges and obligations that Basque Society will have after the crisis.04/

White Paper on European Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness

Jon Azua has participated in the recent report published by the European Investment Bank and the Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness European Group of the World Economic Forum.

Argentina’s Productive Transformation

Jon Azua-Enovatinglab has participated in different work sessions with the Government and argentine entrepreneurs.

Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness in/from Shared Value

Collaboration of Jon Azua in the book #Estrategia00006 published by B+I Strategy.

Cities & Economy Forum

Bilbao organizes the first edition of “Cities & Economy Forum” to adopt an attitude as a business city and attract investments.

Basque Country Energy Cluster

Lecture presented by Jon Azua in the Institutional Act of the General Assembly of the Basque Country Energy Cluster.

Competitive Cities and their Connection to Global Value Chains

Jon Azua, member of Global Advisory Council of Competitiveness of the World Economic Forum, has participated as co-author of the published document.

Creating a platform for strategy and competitiveness

Enovatinglab advertising within the framework of the Basque Country.

The exciting challenge of the Revolution 4.0

New collaboration of Jon Azua in the book #Estrategia00005 published by B+I Strategy.

12 Strategies to change a Country

Participation of Jon Azua in “Strategy Spain” project.

“The Competitive Advantage of Nations” By Jon Azua

Realigning the Strategy to Transform the Economic and Social Development of the Basque Country

Basque Cluster Day

In the event, held on October 21st, participated Jon Azua, as well as the Economic Development and Competitiveness Minister, the SPRI General Director and representatives of Orkestra and Harvard University among others.

Unlocking Competitiveness

New collaborative and applied research project undertaken from Enovating Lab.

Shared Value: Co-Creation Value from the heart of the Company

This year Jon Azua collaborate in the book #Estrategia00004 published by B+I Strategy with a new article.

Self Government Presentation

Appearance of Jon Azua at the Basque Parliament last 27 May.

“The Golden book of the Basque Country”

Exclusive and limited edition in which we could find, among others, the article and the interview with Jon Azua.

Jakiunde Conference: Crisis and Industry. Lessons of the past to build the future.

Jon Azua, President of Enovating Lab, participated in the Conference organized by Jakiunde – Krisiak 2014 project.

Basque Country

“The Guardian” and “The Report Company” publish a report about The Basque Country in which Jon Azua takes part.

The Competitiveness of Cities

Report published in August by the World Economic Forum.

Enovatinglab member of Shared Value Initiative

Main world Community about the practice of company-society shared value and co-creation value.

Jon Azua, new Consul of Bilbao

The proclamation act of new Consuls of Bilbao held on Friday, June 20, at the Basque Museum – Euskal Museoa of the city.

The keys of global competitiveness: Learning for the Mexican economy

Jon Azua participated in different academic sessions in Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla (UPAEP), México.

Economic Keys: Looking at Europe

Jon Azua’s intervention in the round table organized by EAJ-PNV of Gipuzkoa.

Considerations about the recovery and economic development, by Cebek

Participation of Jon Azua, President of Enovating Lab, in the Business Meeting organized by Cebek.

Basque industry has an opportunity with two billion new consumers

José Ignacio Arrieta and Jon Azua, Ex-Ministers of Industry and Energy of the Basque Government, Eduardo Arechaga, Economic Director of Confebask and Josetxo Hernández Duñabeitia, Manager of ASLE, analyzed the bases to maintain and promote the Basque industrial sector.

Rethinking the company

Presentation of the book #Estrategia00003 published by B+I in which Jon Azua participates with the article entitled “Rethinking the company” (February 2014).

2014 edition of MOC Program

ORKESTRA, Basque Institute of Competitiveness offers its 2014 edition of the MOC (Microeconomics on Competitiveness) Program.

New Players: The Cities

Experts from around the world discussed in Davos the contribution of cities in the new economic and social dynamics (January 2014).

The “reorganization of the world” and its consequences

Forthcoming World Summit of World Economic Forum which will take place on 22-25 January in Davos (January 2014).

Enovating Venture Plus México

A tool that complements the services of promotion of business projects. (December 2013).

Hagamos posible lo improbable

Jon Azua collaborates in José Antonio Díez Alday journalist’s book (December 2013).

¿Hacia un estado vasco?

Jon Azua brings his vision on the feasibility of a Basque State in Europe in a book that deals with Basque and catalan processes. (July 2013).


“La política de clústeres es más adecuada hoy que hace 20 años”. March 2013.

Next Conference: Propeller Club

The Keys of Competitiveness (7/02/2013).

Interview – GARA

“Cuanto más ando por el mundo, más apuesto por la independencia”.

Interview – EMPRESA XXI

“Cuanto más ando por el mundo, más apuesto por la independencia”.

Interview – DEIA

“Estamos en el camino de una nueva independencia real”.

Next Conferences and Presentations

-V Diálogos de Bilbao: “La relación entre Política y Economía a la luz de los desafíos de este tiempo”.
– 15th TCI Annual Global Conference.

New Publication

La Gran Recesión Mundial. Respuestas.