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We are a Think Tank platform for ideas, strategy, competitiveness and regional development, directed by JON AZUA.

We bring a long and varied professional experience of more than 45 years, in different responsibilities in the fields of business, government, academia and consulting, accompanying hundreds of clients and initiatives in more than 45 countries and regions of the world.

Enovatinglab is articulated by weaving strategic alliances with different specialized agents with whom it works to generate networks of knowledge, innovation, applied research and the offer of differentiated solutions. The convergence of the wealth and experience of each of the actors involved, translated into specific integral applications for each demand or need, in a specific region or country, in different industries, makes it possible to act with maximum value contribution.


…from an integrated approach and solution based on expert network specialization, connected to a select and broad group of professionals, institutions and allied companies (Enovating Netting).

A company founded in 2003, structuring its work in a network, based on 4 converging axes generating value in the professional service we offer from: Enovatinglab as an integrating head of Enovating Advisory in the space of strategic advice and consulting, Enovating Venture in the area of entrepreneurship and generation of new initiatives, Enovating Academiae in research, conceptualization of models and proposals for the future, education and generation of impact and Enovating NON Profit scaling non-profit social initiatives.