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At Enovatinglab we offer our clients wide-ranging experience in the assessment and support in the Direction and independent advice to the Government Authority and senior management, public administrations and facilitating bodies, as well as entrepreneurs in the different stages of their projects.

Enovating Advisory. Specialized consultancy

  • Accompaniment of the senior management in the design and implementation of strategies, with special emphasis on the processes of competitive transformation.
  • Specialized consultancy in fields of economic and business development, concentrating on the company-territory binomial.
  • Design, organization and instruction: courses, workshops and seminars, mainly in-company.
  • Executive consultancy participation: advisory boards, boards of directors, executive management (transitory).

Enovating Venture

  • Taking part in strategic projects.
  • Participation in projects for the transformation and creation of companies.
  • Promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • E-Academiae. Bank of ideas and projects.
  • Studies of trends and strategic reports.
  • Reflections on the potential and design of new scenarios.
  • Identification of new opportunities for business and economic and regional development.
  • Ad hoc training on topics of our essential competences: competitiveness, strategy, co-creation of company-society value, regional development and public policies applied to the business environment.
  • Generation / capturing / adaptation of knowledge.
  • “In-Company” seminars.

Enovating Academiae. Ideas and projects bank

  • Trend Studies and Strategic Reports.
  • Reflections on Prospective and Design of new scenarios.
  • Identification of new business opportunities and economic and regional development.
  • Ad hoc training in the areas of our core competencies: Competitiveness, Strategy, Business-Society value co-creation, Regional Development and public policies applied to the business environment. 
  • Knowledge Generation/Capture/Adaptation.
  • “In-Company” Seminars.

E-Novating Non-profit

  • Specialized consultancy in social entrepreneurship and the third and “fourth sector”.
  • “Pro-bonus” or unpaid service models.