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Enovating Academiae. A bank of ideas and projects.

Our deep involvement in the academic world guarantees our clients access to the forefront of knowledge. We perform intensive research and teaching activity, connected to the main centres of knowledge in the world and articulated upon the basis of activities and proposals suitable for the requirements of our clients.

By their nature, some of the research and projects we carry out are confidential and for the exclusive use of our clients. However, an important part of our work is available for use and open consultation, by means of different publication routes and, more specifically, through this website in the section titled “Open Knowledge“.

We carry out several collaborative research PROJECTS (with universities, think tanks, companies, professionals, doctorate students, etc.), accessing different funds, donations, public-private agendas, international programmes, etc. Similarly, we design and deliver seminars, training programmes and specific “in-company” courses, seeking to associate them to our advisory projects for third parties.

Each of our knowledge and research lines requires an active process whose final reference is its publication, generating along the way different jobs, papers, research documents, teaching and partial publications and conferences. Most of these jobs are available on our own network (Enovating Netting) and, most of them, at a given time, in unlimited “open knowledge”. Client restrictions and confidentiality ratings prevent the publication and availability of other projects and materials.
Finally, Enovating Academiae uses think tank methodology, generating “space for thought”, by means of invitation for debate and knowledge generation for the benefit of our network and our client response capacity.

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Speciality Subjects

Our base and lines of research, teaching and applied knowledge-impact covers the following topics

  • New Economy coopetitive alliances
  • A world of new players
  • Clusterise the economy
  • Strategy – competitiveness – innovation
  • The K factor and the Glokal strategy
  • Co-creation of company-society value