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Enovating Academiae. A bank of ideas and projects

Our deep involvement in the academic world guarantees our clients access to the forefront of knowledge. We develop research and teaching activities, connected with the main centers of knowledge in the world, and articulated on the basis of activities and proposals appropriate to the requirements of our clients, as well as the search for solutions to the main factors that we consider relevant for the future of socio-economic and business thinking and development, aiming to anticipate scenarios, opportunities and solutions. pretendiendo anticipar escenarios, oportunidades y soluciones.

Due to their nature, some of the research and projects developed are confidential and for the exclusive use of our clients. However, an important part of our contribution is available for open use and consultation, through different means of dissemination, and specifically, through this web page in its “Open Knowledge” section.

Throughout our professional trajectory, we have been incorporating numerous essential concepts that consitute our basis of differentiation and contribution to our service offering. Thus, in this Bank of Ideas and projects we have traveled through different countries that today, more than ever, facilitate the processes of strategic reformulation and unique value proposition of our clients and fellow travelers.

We carry out different Collaborative Research PROJECTS (with Universities, Think Tanks, Companies, professionals, PhD students…), we design and offer Seminars, Training Programs and specific “In Company Courses” trying to associate them to our third party consulting projects.

Each of our lines of knowledge and research requires an active process that has as its final reference its publication and that generates along the way different works, papers, research papers, teaching and partial publications and conferences. Most of these papers are available to our own network (Enovating Netting) and, for the most part at any given time, in unlimited “open knowledge”. Client restrictions and their confidential qualification prevent the publication and making available of different projects and materials.

Finally, Enovating Academiae thrives on Think Tank methodologies generating “thinking spaces”, by invitation, for debate and knowledge generation for the benefit of our network and our responsiveness to clients and learning and practical experience in their daily application in the “consulting and expert advice” activity we provide in our services, deployed in different industries and geographies. Extensive experience in manufacturing and associated specialized services, applied technology industries, health and biosciences, governments and public administrations, national and city-region strategies.

Ideas, Concepts and Products