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Enovating Advisory: Expert consultancy

We provide personalized and direct consultancy for senior management, organs of government and administration and top executives in companies, governments, cities and non-profit bodies.

Our collaboration allows us to ensure an optimal level of accompaniment, on occasions going so far as participation in Advisory Boards or Boards of Directors or Management Committees, providing strategic advice, formalized within a stable time framework with focused dedication, which offers the guarantee of support in the design, execution and control of the desirable strategic coherence. Our portfolio of products in this field also includes advice on specific projects (modular according to specialty and progress required), collaboration in forums and initiatives of academic and professional interest and design and instruction, through courses, seminars and all kinds of in-company training activities.

Our distinguishing feature lies in a systemic conception of the ultimate objective of the strategy towards competitiveness and co-creation of value with the territory, governments and societies in which the companies operate.

We believe that strategy goes beyond its formulation and translates into its implementation, which almost inevitably entails transformation, reorientation and reorganization processes, with a high predominance of change processes, motivation and people’s culturalization.

The structure oriented towards “impact generation”, under a practice of “applied knowledge” makes it possible to transcend from theory to practice, committed to the execution of the strategy of our services.

Some type-projects completed:

  • Participation in boards or advisory or strategic management bodies of companies or facilitating entities, assuming different degrees of responsibility for the complete strategy and its implementation.
  • Strategy and facilitation of partnerships and business concentration between competing companies.
  • Analysis of opportunities for business participation.
  • Processes for business expansion and internationalization.
  • Attraction, retention and implantation of companies in a specific space or market.
  • Capital venture schemes, participatory design, search for partners and implementation of the resulting project.
  • Strategies for the competitiveness of a SME liable for internationalization in a given country.
  • Modelling innovation by means of the clusterization of economic activity (Euskadi-Europe-Latam).
  • Cooperation in development as an essential part of a modernizing strategy for the economy.
  • Consultancy for international organisms for competitiveness and development.
  • Priority engines in the industrialization-regionalization of areas of development.
  • A new competitive space with different areas under different political-administrative frameworks.
  • Evaluation-Audit of strategic coherence in the design of business models or decision making.
  • Strategic redesign of a facilitating body and clusters.
  • Opportunity-initiative design and clusterization of political spaces.
  • Government strategy for a legislature.
  • Addresses of business and institutional missions for the design of competitiveness programmes.
  • Strategy report for governments, regions and international organizations.

In this way, the quality and excellence of our clients, the diversity and demand of their contents, and the hundreds of projects and initiatives in which we have participated, are the best guarantee of our training and lifelong learning, as well as of the services and solutions offered to third parties.

Following our founding philosophy and business model, we develop a broad collaborative relationship with prestigious operational consultancies, attending to the different needs and orientation required in each project.