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Clusterise the economy

The new economy has rendered obsolete the historical sectorial approach which captivates and currently still nourishes official statistical classifications, ministerial organizations of governments, public policies and business strategies.

Today we are seeing the break-up of boundaries in different industries, the evolution of the product for the solution, new concepts associated with “new manufacturing”, the proliferation of different business and industry models within the same company and enabling technologies which are transforming the business offer. All the above has resulted in an “inter-sectorial” and “systemic” vision which requires a new approach.

In addition, this new “order of factors” is associated with a particular territory or space in which the activity takes place, increasing its efficiency-effectiveness as the interaction and proximity become more relevant. This actually naturally adds value to the CLUSTER approach.

The superposition and convergent development of all these interrelated activities, the “clusterization of the economy”, means that the “economy-territory” binomial provides competitive advantages in the fields of corporate profitability, regional competitiveness and the welfare of citizens.

We need to know the why and what for of clusterization and understand how it works in order to decide what the role of the company should be for its own benefit and that of the governments at the service of their countries and societies.