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Clusterizing the economy

The new or “old” economy, in its constant transformation, journey and interpretation, has rendered obsolete the historical sectorial approach, which captivates and still today feeds official statistical classifications, government ministerial organizations, public policies or business strategies.

The reality demands contemplating a world of “micro-regions” or “micro-differential spaces” on which to intervene. At the same time, today we are witnessing the breakdown of borders in different industries, the evolution from product to solution, new concepts associated with the “new manufacturing”, the proliferation of different business models and industries within the same company, or enabling technologies that transform the business offer, as well as belonging, with different roles, to multiple value chains, in an obligatory transition from globalization to regionalized, deglobalized, local or hybrid trends. All this has given rise to an “inter-sectoral” and “systemic” vision that calls for a new approach.

In addition, this new “arrangement of factors” is associated with a specific territory or space in which the activity is developed, increasing its efficiency-effectiveness as interaction and proximity become more relevant. This reality naturally gives value to a CLUSTER approach.

The overlapping and convergent development of all those interrelated activities, the “clusterization of the economy” makes the “Economy – Territory” binomial provide competitive advantages in the areas of business profitability, regional competitiveness and the wellbeing of citizens.

It is a matter of knowing why and what for, and knowing the how of clusterization, in order to decide what should be the role of the company for its own benefit, and the role of governments in the service of their country and society.

Clusterizing the economy, beyond the creation of a “cluster entity”, is essential to any transformational strategy.

Today, the world is crying out for “ecosystems” that, in one way or another, are committed to a broad and non-spontaneous configuration of coopetitive spaces. The clusterization of activity in a specific territory is the driving force behind the necessary change and solution.