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Enovating Venture: Design, promotion and participation in entrepreneurial projects

Enovatinglab has a Venture Partnership (Enovating Venture) from which we promote or accompany entrepreneurial initiatives, mainly in their initial or growth stages.

As well as participating in the configuration of the project, its strategy and business model, we get involved in the search for and incorporation of partners and partnerships, both in providing the seed capital or development and in their accompaniment and management, with a desire to participate in the advisory and administrative organs through the corresponding councils. In limited cases, we contemplate a possible minority participation supporting its development.

Making entrepreneurial ideas and dreams viable...

Joining throughout the creative chain

The participation policy is limited to the area of attraction and interest of the Basque Country, either in projects that are located here or in others promoted or participated by Basque companies and entrepreneurs to be implemented or grow abroad, for a potential mutual impact and benefit in and from the Basque Country, articulating entrepreneurial initiatives, investment clubs, networks of entrepreneurs and international initiatives with multiple participations according to project and country, while we provide a vehicle for the incorporation of partners, generally in the target country, adapting structures and specific global initiatives, getting involved in specialized advice in the different phases of the project from the idea to its creation and support in its strengthening, development and growth.

We maintain a limited portfolio of participations with a dynamic and temporary presence in them.