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Network Platform

We make Coopetitive (Collaboration-Competence) a differential strength to face the strategic challenges of our clients and our own organization.

Enovatinglab is articulated by weaving strategic alliances with different specialized agents with whom it works to generate networks of knowledge, innovation, applied research and the offer of differentiated solutions. The convergence of the wealth and experience of each actors involved, translated into specific integral applications for each demand or need, in a specific region or country, in different industries, makes it possible to act with maximum value contribution.

We promote and trigger clustered strategies (economy-territory-multi-agents) generating public-public, public-private, private-private and private-private collaborative processes as the essence of strategic work for inclusive competitiveness and well-being wherever we work.

The growing complexity in which we find ourselves, the speed and intensity of the changes and transformations required by all the agents and stakeholders and the diversity (personal, social, professional, cultural and geographical) condition and drive the thinking and socio-economic practices in permanent evolution and the responses (exogenous and internal), force us to share initiatives, knowledge, values and disciplines. An interconnected, interdependent world capable of sharing while respecting differentiated spaces of decision and choice. Making the design of strategies (our own, unique and differentiated) compatible is accompanied by participation in other collaborative and associative strategies.

This networking, co-creating value between business and society, between different institutional agents, between the worlds of academia and its real impact on society and its agents, gives strength of nature to a Network Platform. Thus, Enovatinglab, bases its work on its participation and networking, organized as an innovative and dynamic platform.

We accompany our clients in achieving their objectives from our own models and frameworks of action, from a solid knowledge of the determinants of competitiveness, the welfare of societies and companies that make it possible, attending to the purpose and shared vision of the same.

We are part of the faculty and researchers of the M.O.C. Network (Microeconomics of Competitiveness) of the Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness of Harvard University using the base model that since its origin has been implemented (adapting it day by day to the changing dynamics) from the collaborative competition of more than 120 Universities and Institutes of Competitiveness that over the past 20 years has trained more than 60. It has produced 450 cases, 700 projects or cluster initiatives, 1,000 participations and research projects or initiatives, advising more than 100 governments and has generated a real impact in more than 60 countries.

We generate conceptual models in our own “journey towards competitiveness and inclusive development”, which we suggest to our clients, and we transfer to society the knowledge and experience generated by actively contributing to the different projects.

From the companies and entities in whose management or governing bodies we participate, we apply the practical exercise of lifelong learning and share their own experience and challenges, enriching the content and scope of our services.

We participate in the movement to transform the business model and its interaction with society, promoting the need for new indicators, purposes, business models and objectives in the search for business-society value co-creation processes.

We help in the redefinition and development of ideas and strengths, promoting the maximum involvement of all stakeholders (“stakeholding”) within the framework of essential processes of transformation of the current economic thinking. We are part of the Shared Value Initiative promoted by professors Michael E. Porter and Mark Kramer, convinced of the power of value co-creation strategies, making the response to social demands the guiding basis of the business models of the future leaders of today and tomorrow.

Supporters of inclusiveness in development over and above the generic objective of growth, beyond GDP, we have participated in the Social Progress Imperative Initiative since its inception, promoting the work around the Social Progress Index, in regions and territorial spaces, highlighting the true importance of micro-regions and local spaces, essence, destiny and strength of the differential microeconomy in the strategic development of cities.

Likewise, since the progressive advance of the Network, we collaborate in the extension of its impact throughout the world, participating in initiatives promoting Competitiveness Institutes, Development Plans, urgency strategies and internationalization of companies, with local alliances in the different target countries.

Our presence in different entities and companies provides us with specialized knowledge in the world of innovation (Innobasque) of which more than 1.000 companies are part, or technology (Tecnalia) and privileged access to the Basque Science and Technology Network in relevant connection with the science-technology space of the European Union. This alliance facilitates the implementation of strategies in the face of growing systemic complexity.

A strategy must necessarily be innovative and competitive. In the same way, competitiveness is only possible within the framework of an innovative strategy, capable of adequately orienting the use of technology for the purpose of the service sought.

Along the same lines as in the interaction of collaborative spaces in different industries and clusters of activity, in the field of art-culture-economy, the link with the Guggenheim Constellation and a historical involvement in city strategy projects, with a relevant role of culture, either from the infrastructure, content or associated education, we incorporate identity, values, prosperity and inclusive development in our own framework as a general reference and identification of the future impact that the different cultural actors and protagonists deploy. Thus, we are able to carry out a number of projects and initiatives in the art-culture-economy convergence. 

In the same line, as well as an intense specialization in manufacturing, energy, regional development, cities and public administration achieved, over the years, hand in hand with companies and institutions of which we have been part, living the design and strategic formulations, a deep specialization in the world of health (in public and private systems and models, in a large number of different countries and cultures throughout the world), guarantees a real knowledge of the essential factors of health, its socio-economic conditioning factors, the integrality of the space of care and social-health and community welfare, essential to face the challenges that health sciences entail.

In addition, beyond the insurance and benefits required, the wealth and prosperity generating aspect makes this exciting and complex world one of the critical “industry-ecosystems” of the future, a space that demands 

disruptive innovations, new players, value-based and value-generating health models and comprehensive strategies beyond the traditional spaces of society or social welfare. From Enovatinglab we work challenging this promising future to come.

Thus, our service offer finds in the Network Platform, unique elements at the service of the opportunities and solutions proposed. Enovating Netting configures an integrating platform of multiple actors of excellence that maintains its own unity of action, differential space of specialization, activity, sharing a collaborative space, building ecosystems that facilitate the desired strategic objectives, turning problems into development opportunities.