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A network plataform

In accordance with the models and concepts we transmit to our clients, Enovating Lab is defined and structured as a network of networks.

In keeping with this orientation, our distinguishing features and the basis of our business model rest on coopetitive partnerships with third parties, which are developed by means of the double interrelationship of the worlds of business, government and the Academy and the economy-territory binomial and the offer of systemic solutions.

The increasing complexity of the world in which we live and work requires multi-disciplinary, multi-professional and glokal approaches and tasks, integrating duly coordinated open knowledge into the service of single strategies and solutions.

Our competitive differential advantage lies in the convergence of rigorous academic knowledge applied to the real economy, focused on specific geographic areas and differentiated by constant collaboration with leading individuals and organizations at the forefront of knowledge. Therefore, we configure collaborative projects and processes with the interaction of practical experts oriented towards solutions and their implementation.

With a simple and flexible structure, Enovating Lab acts within a network and facilitates shared enrichment of all the agents interacting upon the basis of an organization of complementary units and societies.

Currently, Enovating Lab is incorporating active presence in companies from the manufacturing industries into its network, from the fields of health, biotechnology, the creative industries, the world of energy, industry and services of the information technologies which operate in and from the Basque Country throughout the five continents.

This real and direct knowledge is strengthened by our active participation in academic networks of knowledge, made up of more than 150 universities, research institutes and think tanks, with a real contribution of professionals “attached” to our platform. We also rely on the strength of entrepreneurial activity, facing up to the great challenge of company and social entrepreneurship, which forms an essential part of our activity.

This Net of Networks is shaped both by direct collaborative interaction with companies, think tanks, universities and academic and knowledge institutions, governments and public agencies and international organizations, with whom we work in collaborative efforts, as well as clients who, throughout our work have had and constitue our Network Community.