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Open Knowledge

Since its origin, Enovatinglab has made “open knowledge” a permanent commitment both as a key factor in our own learning and differential wealth, and as a vocation for the transmission and dissemination of ideas and projects at the service of society, beyond the direct contribution to our own clients, allies and collaborators.

Under this premise, we are active agents through four synergic lines of dissemination, sharing our work, with the limitations of confidentiality or ownership that certain work with third parties requires. Thus, we promote collaborative applied research either with our own initiatives or to accompany third parties, anticipating expected changes that will condition the strategies to be proposed and implemented in our fields of specialization. The results of these projects are a key source and differential of our value proposition

An intense participation in conferences presenting different papers or transferring expert opinion and positioning, keeps us in touch with society, the main initiatives and key players throughout the world.

A third section is the delivery of specific seminars. Whether they are ad hoc courses, “in company” courses for specific organizations and companies, “Study Tours” with an academic base and its practical complements in collaboration with companies, governments and academic entities, or collaboration/participation in third party seminars, complementing the product offered.

Finally, the publications section is a field of special interest. Our publications include our own concepts and contents, sometimes intended as a means of dissemination and communication of different stages of research projects, seminars or conferences in which we participate and, in some cases, we collaborate as co-authors, depending on the topic in question. On another scale, this section of publications is complemented with collaborations in the press and professional social networks, contributing with the intention of providing creative thinking at the service of the community.

These different sections make possible an orderly offer and transmission of the open knowledge that we generate or co-generate in/from Enovatinglab.