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Strategy – Competitiveness – Innovation

Competitive strategy, innovative competitiveness and strategic innovation are an indissoluble whole. It is necessary to analyze these nodes in a convergent manner, so as not to confuse the key pieces of this puzzle.

A misunderstood concept of competitiveness leads to the error of considering competition as exclusive, separation between business and society, business-government silos, or to undervaluing strategy as opposed to competitiveness (which by definition is strategic, innovative, inclusive, sustainable, entrepreneurial, systemic, business and territorial). Any strategy must be competitive and innovative. Similarly, innovation requires competitive achievements of a strategic nature, and competitiveness is either strategic or innovative, or it is not. It is as simple as that: three sides of the same element.

Each agent requires its own role and its own strategy and agenda, but always contemplating the competitive sum, as well as the individual strategies duly cohesive.