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New Economy coopetitive alliances

In a global economic environment characterized by its increasing complexity, the competitiveness of companies and countries will increasingly rely on the development of new partnership models.

On the one hand, they will have to learn the difficult task of cooperating and competing at the same time (“coopetitiveness”) and living together with “extended” organizations interacting in a constellation of successive value chains. These new partnerships will meet functional and time criteria and will be able to develop forms of public-private partnership, configuration in networks and new business communities.

The academic research and professional practice of our group has allowed us to conceptualize key aspects of these new models, including:

  • The world of the strategic relationship of the B+G+C (“Business & Government & Community”).
  • The clusterization of economic activity.
  • The design and management of innovative and coopetitive partnerships (which compete and cooperate at the same time).
  • The explosion of “new players” within the context of the so-called “new economy”.