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Coopetitive alliances for the New Economy

In a global economic environment marked by increasing complexity, the competitiveness of companies and countries will be increasingly based on the development of new models of alliances.

On the one hand, we have to learn the difficult exercise of coopeting and competing simultaneously (“Coopetitiveness”) and to coexist with “extended” organizations that interact in a constellation of successive value chains. These new alliances will respond to functional or temporary criteria, and will be capable of developing new public-private partnership schemes, network configurations and new business communities, providing themselves with various instruments of stability, institutionality and cohesion around shared strategies and purposes.

The academic research and professional practice of our group has allowed us to conceptualize key aspects of these models, which recognize the diversity of the knowledge required, the identification of the essence to be shared and the differentiation to be maintained, and their agile structuring that generates the essential trust. It includes the strategic relationship between companies, governments and countries-communities in which they have to operate.