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23 Nov

By: Enovating Lab


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Bilbao organizes the first Edition of “Cities & Economy Forum” to adopt an attitude as a business city and attract investments

The City Council of Bilbao has organized the first edition of “Cities & Economy Forum”, an international event of maximum level with world business and world leaders in public management personalities, in which Jon Azua (President and Executive of EnovatingLab) has participated.

The Forum has had as priority objectives create necessary conditions to attract investment to Bilbao, stimulate new business opportunities and position Bilbao as reference of the Atlantic Axis in matter of intelligent specialization, as well as reinforce the positioning of Bilbao as economic capital of Basque Country, at the same time that supposed for Bilbao the opportunity of establish synergies with recognized cities by their innovative politics, as are New York, London, Singapore, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Bombay or Morelia (Mexico).

The conferences have tackled, also, the strengths of cities to confront it digital transformation and enhance it innovation, the competitiveness and the internationalization.

Presentation of Jon Azua’s participation: How cities build inclusive growth and competitiveness for people?


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