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22 Dec

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Realigning the strategy to transform the economic and social development of the Basque Country

On the occasion of the 25 anniversary of the publication of “The Advantage competitive Nations” of Michael E. Porter and coincident with the 25 years of application of its conceptual line to the strategy of competitiveness and clusterization in the Basque country, Jon Azua has made a work entitled “The Competitive Advantage of Nations. A Successful Experience, Realigning the Strategy to Transform the Economic and Social Development of the Basque Country”, which provides an overview of the evolution of the competitiveness concept since the publication of Michael E. Porter, but referring to the Basque County.

The document analyses the new economy-society challenge; looks into the new needs, instruments and aspirations of the economy of the Basque Country; delves into the keys of the new Basque and world economy; and finalises with a reflection on the new station in which we find ourselves in “this long journey to competitiveness”.

His work has been published by Orkestra and is available in Spanish, Basque and English.

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