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24 Jun

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Main World Community about the practice of company-society Shared Value and co-creation value

Enovatinglab has become a full member of the network of consultants and promoters who belong to Shared Value Initiative, the global community based on knowledge and implementation of shared value as a key element in the co-creation of company-society value, the driving force of economic and social development.

Participation in this community enables Enovatinglab to extend and enrich its own Network Platform structure, as a result of its collaboration with leading organizations and professionals who, within the worlds of business and academia, are working to develop a new economic model, based on the co-creation of value.

Shared Value Initiative is a global community committed to the adoption and application of shared value strategies by major companies, civil society and governmental organisations.

Shared Value Initiative was set up in 2011 upon the basis of the academic input of Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer who, in their article in the Harvard Business Review titled “Creation of Shared Value”, offered a conceptual framework for the development of a world community of experts involving knowledge and implementation of shared values, leading to a new paradigm which transcends the call, corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.

Its members include main global corporations, non-profit organizations and foundations committed to the creation of shared value by companies and society.

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