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07 Feb
Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness in/from Shared Value

Collaboration of Jon Azua in the book #Estrategia00006 published by B+I Strategy

In this new and sixth edition of the book #Estrategia00006 published by B+I Strategy, Jon Azua participates, one year more, with the article about the Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness in/from the Shared Value.

The book will be presented today, February 7th, at the Baroja Auditorium – Bizkaia Aretoa (UPV-EHU) in which will take part Pedro Azpiazu, Minister for Finance of Basque Government, Pilar Kaltzada, writer and communication advisor, and Sabin Azua, Partner Director of B+I Strategy.

More information about this publication at B+I Strategy.

23 Nov
Cities & Economy Forum

Bilbao organizes the first Edition of “Cities & Economy Forum” to adopt an attitude as a business city and attract investments

The City Council of Bilbao has organized the first edition of “Cities & Economy Forum”, an international event of maximum level with world business and world leaders in public management personalities, in which Jon Azua (President and Executive of EnovatingLab) has participated.

The Forum has had as priority objectives create necessary conditions to attract investment to Bilbao, stimulate new business opportunities and position Bilbao as reference of the Atlantic Axis in matter of intelligent specialization, as well as reinforce the positioning of Bilbao as economic capital of Basque Country, at the same time that supposed for Bilbao the opportunity of establish synergies with recognized cities by their innovative politics, as are New York, London, Singapore, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Bombay or Morelia (Mexico).

The conferences have tackled, also, the strengths of cities to confront it digital transformation and enhance it innovation, the competitiveness and the internationalization.

Presentation of Jon Azua’s participation: How cities build inclusive growth and competitiveness for people?


27 Jun
Basque Country Energy Cluster

Lecture presented by Jon Azua in the institutional act of the General Assembly of the Basque Country Energy Cluster

As guest speaker to the Institutional Act of the General Assembly of the Basque Country Energy Cluster, Jon Azua presented the Conference: “The why and the what of a Basque Energy Clustering Strategy in the Universe of Energy”.

Based on the vision and reality of this cluster of success in the Basque Country, analyzed the main mega-trends and challenges in the world of energy, he focused his speech on new paradigms and its effect on the “new phase of the clustering” more necessary than ever and convergence between the Country-Territory-Cluster strategies in the new space of Global Value Chains.

17 Jun
Competitive Cities and their Connection to Global Value Chains

Jon Azua, member of Global Advisory Council of Competitiveness of the World Economic Forum, has participated as co-author of the published document

Within the framework of the Regional meeting for Latin America 2016 of the World Economic Forum, held in the city of Medellin, Colombia, has been presented the “Competitive Cities and their connection to Global Value Chains” document.

This document is part of the series of three reports drawn up by the Global Advisory Council for the Competitiveness of the World Economic Forum in its latest 2014-2016 period focused on the essential role that the City-Regions played in Competitiveness. The series departed from a Base report (“The Competitiveness of City-Region”) identifying the key role and protagonist of the infra-State spaces defining the competitive taxonomy that explains the wellbeing and wealth of the cities as well as the productivity and success of businesses in a specific territory. Later, in conjunction with international trade experts, delved into the necessary interaction between Cities and Global Trade (“The Case for Trade and Competitiveness”) in the global economy for, finally, wondering how to make or maintain competitive cities already analyzed in connection with Global Value Chains in the new context of the 21st century faced with the changing new economy.

Throughout this period in the mentioned reports, the Bilbao-Basque Country case, as an example of competitive City-Regions has been object of study, with the contribution of his co-author Jon Azua, Member of the mentioned Global Advisory Council for Competitiveness of the World Economic Forum.

07 Jun
Creating a platform for strategy and competitiveness

Enovatinglab advertising within the framework of the Basque Country

Published the interview: “Creating a platform for strategy and competitiveness” made to Jon Azua by Newsweek within the report: “Innovation and Excellence in the Basque Country”

12 Apr
The exciting challenge of the Revolution 4.0

New collaboration of Jon Azua in the book #ESTRATEGIA00005 published by B+I Strategy

For the fifth consecutive year, B+I Strategy presents his book #Estrategia00005 in Bilbao, collecting new themes related with Strategy, notes on cutting-edge knowledge, learning from the experience of decades of consulting, direct and sincere consideration…

In this new edition, Jon Azua collaborates with an article about the exciting challenge of the Revolution 4.0, which will be presented by its authors today at Baroja Auditorium – Bizkaia Aretoa (UPV-EHU)

More information about this publication in B+I Strategy.

17 Mar
12 Strategies to change a Country

Participation of Jon Azua in “Strategy Spain” project

Jon Azua – Enovatinglab has participated in the project “Strategy Spain: 12 Strategies to change a Country”. A debate between experts and entrepreneurs to point out a new way after the crisis.

– New Economic Model (Jon Azua)

– The Importance of Industry (Jon Azua)

– Opportunity and Necessity (Jon Azua)

22 Dec
“The Competitive Advantage of Nations” By Jon Azua

Realigning the strategy to transform the economic and social development of the Basque Country

On the occasion of the 25 anniversary of the publication of “The Advantage competitive Nations” of Michael E. Porter and coincident with the 25 years of application of its conceptual line to the strategy of competitiveness and clusterization in the Basque country, Jon Azua has made a work entitled “The Competitive Advantage of Nations. A Successful Experience, Realigning the Strategy to Transform the Economic and Social Development of the Basque Country”, which provides an overview of the evolution of the competitiveness concept since the publication of Michael E. Porter, but referring to the Basque County.

The document analyses the new economy-society challenge; looks into the new needs, instruments and aspirations of the economy of the Basque Country; delves into the keys of the new Basque and world economy; and finalises with a reflection on the new station in which we find ourselves in “this long journey to competitiveness”.

His work has been published by Orkestra and is available in Spanish, Basque and English.

22 Oct
Basque Cluster Day

In the event, held on October 21st, participated Jon Azua, as well as the Economic Development and Competitiveness Minister, the SPRI General Director and representatives of ORKESTRA and Harvard University among others

In line with the group of events which, at the global level, have been held, commemoratives of the 25th anniversary of the publication of Michael E. Porter’s book, “The advantage competitive Nations”, has been organized the “Basque Cluster Day” under the initiative of SPRI, Basque Government and ORKESTRA-Basque Institute of Competitiveness. The act also coincided with the 25th anniversary of the “Cluster policy” in the Basque Country, global pioneer in its application in an institutional framework at the heart of its Competitive and industrial policy strategy.

With the interventions of the Economic and Competitiveness Development Minister, Arantza Tapia, the SPRI General Director, Alex Arriola, the Orkestra Director, Mari Jose Aranguren and the T.C.I. President and Senior Advisor of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard University, Christian Kettels, the specialized talks and round tables by the chairpersons of the main Cluster Associations of the Basque Country, it has reviewed what has been done in these 25 years, as well as the new challenges for the future.

This event count on the participation of Jon Azua, who received a special award for his contribution to the launch of this strategy in the Basque Country and his work over this time in the world of clustering and competitiveness in the Basque Country and the world.

The event was attended, in addition, by the outstanding presence -through a video ad hoc- of Michael E. Porter recognizing the Clustering and Competitiveness Policy in the Basque Country.

27 Jul
Unlocking Competitiveness

New collaborative and applied research project undertaken from Enovatinglab

Unlock the competitiveness opening its concepts and essential elements towards the true inclusive development, is the challenge that we set for 2015 and which has given rise to the new collaborative and applied research project undertaken from Enovatinglab. Faithful to our commitment with the interaction of the Academy, the Company, Territory and, above all, the ability to impact on Society, we are launching this new initiative.

Unlock the Competitiveness