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27 Sep
35 Anniversary of Osakidetza

OSAKIDETZA celebrates, among the different events organized on the occasion of its 35 Anniversary, the health conference “Innovating in health from the people” in which Jon Azua will participate as speaker

Among the events scheduled this year to commemorate the 35 anniversary of Osakidetza, the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao is hosting today, September 27, the health conference “Innovating in Health from the people”. The conference will be chaired by the President of the Basque Country, Iñigo Urkullu and also with the presence of the Health MinisterJon Darpón, and the General Director of OsakidetzaMaría Jesús Múgica.

The conference will begin at 17.00 hours, with the participation of top-level scientific experts, including the ex-Minister of Labour, Health and Social Security of the Basque Government and the ex-President of Osakidetza, Jon Azua; The General Director of the professional Association of Nurses of Ontario, Canada, Doris Grinspun; or the President of the European Society of Medical Oncology and Director of the VHIO Institute, Josep Tabernero.

The sustainability of health systems, innovation or the incorporation of new technologies will be some of the key aspects that will be addressed during the Conference. In addition, the role of nursing personnel will be analyzed in the current model, configured around multifunctional and interdisciplinary teams.

Informative Brochure

17 Sep
Seminar: “New engines for the economic growth and employment generation” in San José (Costa Rica)

Jon Azua-Enovatinglab shares, in the seminar, experiences on policies of Clusters and Productive Development in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country

Jon Azua takes part in the Seminar: “New engines for the economic growth and the generation of employment” in San José, Costa Rica. Of the hand of the ILO (International Labour Organization) and Costa Rica Government, Enovatinglab contributes its experience and reflections in the process ongoing between the Government, relevant business groups and cluster groups of the country.

La Nación – Jon Azua Interview

29 Jun
Value-Based Health Care Delivery

Course given from 2 to 4 July in Bilbao with Jon Azua‘s participation

The concept and the application of value in the sanitary system is increasingly present in the environment of the European and Spanish health. This course comes to promote this movement and to prepare professionals and organizations to advance in the orientation to value.

The faculty is completed by national and international experts in the area of management and innovation, with experience in the orientation of organizations and systems of value. Between them will be, Jon Azua, who will teach on the second of July the session: Generates value in health as vector element of the inclusive development, sharing value from the social progress.

More information about rhe course at Deusto Business School Health.

20 Mar
Weaving convergent strategies in the Co-Creation of Value: Application to a Health model in Isolated Areas

Collaboration for Jon Azua in #ESTRATEGIA00007 book published by B+I Strategy

Jon Azua participates in #Estrategia 000007 book published by B+I Strategy consultancy, as every year since the launch of the company. On this occasion, under the title: Weaving convergent strategies in the Co-Creation of Value: Application to a Health model in Isolated Areas, which deals with the essential elements of the Strategy and Competitiveness, highlighting, step by step, lessons learned in the design of this complex model for Colombian post conflict context and its potential replication throughout the world. Enterprise, Government and stakeholders on a permanent journey to competitiveness, find keys in the definition of its strategy.

The launch event took place on 20 March in the Bizkaia Aretoa (UPV-EHU) and was attended by Arantxa Tapia, Economic Development and Infrastructure Minister of the Basque Government, Pilar Kaltzada, writer and communications advisor and Sabin Azua, Partner Director of B+I Strategy.

More information about this publication at B+I Strategy.

19 Mar
International Study Tour (IESDE)

Competitiveness, Strategy and Innovation – Basque Country

Today, March 19, starts the International Study Tour for the IESDE-Puebla School of management of Mexico delegation, organized and taught by Enovatinglab and Orkestra.

The team of teachers with extensive experience in business and excellent academic credentials, is composed by: Jon Azua, Henar Mayor, María José Aranguren, Miren Estensoro, Mikel Navarro, Susana Franco and James Wilson.


Day 1: Strategy for Competitiveness, Country, City, Company.

Day 2: Territorial development and Company Internationalization.

Day 3: The company and the clusters. Agents of the cluster.

Day 4: Innovation, infrastructure, and knowledge technologies. Cooperative experience in Basque Country.

Day 5: Business innovation, the environment and the creation of shared value. Innovation and culinary culture with impact on  the region firms.

13 Mar
SHV Seminar

A seminar taught by Jon Azua to B+I Strategy

At the Deusto University, Jon Azua has taught a Co-Creation Value Seminar, for B+I Strategy Consulting firm.

Enovatinglab – Ulikeris part of the 30 consulting firms platform, around the word, that is certified by the Shared Value Initiative as part of its international community of Consulting Affiliates.

22 Dec
Zorionak – Feliz Navidad – Merry Christmas


With our best wishes for the new year…

Con nuestros mejores deseos para el nuevo año…

Gure desio onenak urte berrirako…

23 Nov
Orkestra’s 10th Anniversary

Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness has celebrated on monda, November 21, its tenth anniversary

During these ten years the Institute has had the opportunity to promote and participate in different initiatives, analyses and projects in order to contribute to the development of the competitiveness of the territory.

Orkestra, an innovative initiative promoted by the University of Deusto, has become a reference for cooperation between public and private institutions that have a shared interest in activating research and knowledge in order to spur the future development of our economy and industry.

In the context of this anniversary, Orkestra organized different initiatives which culminated on November 21 in an event that took place in the Kursaal of Donostia. As well as presenting the Orkestra Case prepared by the Harvard Business Schoolsharing some ideas and reflections regarding the main challenges for the future from a territorial, economic and social perspective.

18 Oct
XX Anniversary of Bilbao Guggenheim Museum

Today, October 18, the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum celebrates its XX Anniversary

Today October 18, we join in the celebration of the XX Anniversary of the opening of Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, congratulating to all those who have done so and make possible.



23 Jul
Jon Azua and Mikel Navarro Interview (BERRIA)

Facing the challenges and obligations that basque society will have after the crisis

Jon Azua and Mikel Navarro Interview in Berria newspaper, on Sunday, 23rd of July, dedicated to post-crisis moment, industry, competitiveness, global trends, Basque economy, future challenges…