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23 May
The keys of global competitiveness: Learning for the Mexican economy

Jon Azua participated in different academic sessions in Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla (UPAEP), México

Thursday, May 22, Jon Azua participated in different academic sessions in the Popular Autonomous University of the State of Puebla, UPAEP of Mexico. As well, within the framework of his common collaborations with other institutions member of the MOC network of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard University, and as a member of the Advisory Board of SINTONIA, gave the lecture “Relevant Factors for the Competitiveness and Prosperity of the regions”, direct to more than 100 graduates from different MOC (Microeconomics of Competitiveness) courses and programs in their studies of post degree, to the academic staff and representatives of the business world.

In this line, he also gave extraordinary session corresponding to the analysis of the Basque Country Case as a strategy for economic development in the PEC (Strategy and Competitiveness Program) of the IESDE, to the Executive MBA students. Jon Azua has illustrated his exhibition with the lessons that brings the experience of Basque competitive transformation of the last 30 years, and has reviewed the key elements in competitiveness observed in the current scenario along the world, and specifically, the new critical elements that explain the behavior of companies, governments and countries in today’s world.

Here, you can access to the presentation of the session given in the UPAEP, as well as to the Strategy and Competitiveness (PEC) program:

22 May
Economic Keys: Looking at Europe

Jon Azua participated in the round table organized by EAJ-PNV of Gipuzkoa

On the 17th of May, took place in Donostia-San Sebastian an event organized by the Basque Nationalist Party (EAJ-PNV) in the framework of the European election campaign. Jon Azua, President of E-novatinglab, participated in the round table about the Global and European economic situation, and gave his vision on the main competitive keys for Basque Country in this context.

Here, you can view the video of his speech.

14 May
Considerations about the recovery and economic development, by Cebek

Participation of Jon Azua, President of Enovating Lab, in the Business Meeting organized by CEBEK

Yesterday, Wednesday May 14, Enovating Lab President, Jon Azua, participated in the General Assembly and Business Meeting of Cebek, the Business Confederation of Bizkaia. The event brought together an outstanding representation of the Basque business and institutional world, and focused on “The enterprise and the entrepreneur, engines of economic recovery”.

Together with Jon Azua, taked part in the business appointment Ramón Térmens Navarro, President of Taurus Group, Luis Manuel Fernández, President of Vicrila Group and Juan José Álvarez Rubio, Professor of private law in the EHU/UPV. The President of Cebek, Iñaki Garcinuño Zabala intervened as host and presentation of interventions.

You can check the details of the meeting on the Cebek website.

17 Mar
Basque industry has an opportunity with two billion new consumers

José Ignacio Arrieta and Jon Azua, ExMinisters of Industry and Energy of the Basque Government, Eduardo Arechaga, Economic Director of Confebask and Josetxo Hérnandez Duñabeitia, Manager of ASLE, analyzed the bases to maintain and promote the Basque Industrial sector

Despite the crisis, the Basque industry remains the main Basque economic development lever. The industrial policy of the last 30 years, and the prospects for the future that offers, are some of the topics on which the Deia diary has invited several experts, among them, the President of EnovatingLab, Jon Azua to reflect.

You can read the full article published in Deia diary on the following link: Basque industry has an opportunity with two billion new consumers.

03 Feb
Rethinking the company

Presentation of #ESTRATEGIA00003 book published by B+I Strategy in which Jon Azua participates with the article entitled: “Rethinking the Company” (February 2014)

B+I Strategy presents in Bilbao his book #Estrategia00003, an appointment with “the frontiers of knowledge, collecting learning notes from our experience”, as can be read in the foreword. As in previous years, B+I equipment covers key concepts to understand business strategy by members of its network of collaborators, who contribute their vision to offer a coral look.

Jon Azua participates in this edition with an article about the challenges of enterprises in the New Economy.“Rethinking the Company” is the title of this collaboration, presented by its authors today at Deusto Business School.

More information about this publication in B+I Strategy.

03 Feb
2014 edition of MOC Program

ORKESTRA, Basque Institute of Competitiveness offers its 2014 edition of the MOC (Microeconomis on Competitiveness) Program

ORKESTRA, Basque Institute of Competitiveness offers its 2014 edition of the MOC (Microeconomics on Competitiveness) Program. It is the international programme on competitiveness, clustering, and co-creation of value with greater world-wide prestige, under the coordination and promotion of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness of the University of Harvard, chaired by Michael E. Porter. The course is taught in more than 120 Universities of the World. Jon Azua, Professor of the MOC network, takes part as a teacher of this edition that will be held in Bilbao.

27 Jan
New Players: The Cities

Experts from around the world, discussed in Davos the contribution of cities in the new economic and social dynamics (January 2014)

Among the future key elements to rethink in the recent Davos meeting, the role and critical function of cities has been the subject of analysis and debate. From Global Advisor of Competitiveness Council, the World Economic Forum works in the definition of the taxonomy of the cities of success under a model that facilitates the realization of the unique value proposition of these new players in the economy of knowledge and well-being.

For more information about the role of these new players in the global economy, we invite you to know our vision and contributions.

20 Jan
The “reorganization of the world” and its consequences

Forthcoming World Summit of World Economic Forum which will take place on 22-25 January in Davos (January 2014)

The World Economic Forum celebrates its World Summit from 22 to 25 of January in the Swiss city of Davos, looking at the implications of the economic, social and technological changes that are substantially changing our lives, communities and institutions.

Under the title “The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business” and experts who will gather in Davos will offer a look about the mega-trends that are operating and, mainly, envelope the opportunities for social and economic development to countries, cities and businesses. The details of the agenda, personalities who have provided their attendance and other pieces of interest can be found in this video.

As members of this network, Enovating Lab has participated in previous sessions of discussion at the WEF, as part of our academic activity, enovating academiae.

09 Jan
Enovating Venture Plus México

A tool that complements the services of business projects promotion (December 2013)

The new society Enovating Venture Plus Mexico, S.A has been formally constituted in December 2013, dedicated to the promotion of business projects between Mexico and Euskadi.

The new society complements the activity of entrepreneurial initiatives promotion and advice, mainly in its early stages, vehiculiza through the investment tools of the group: Enovating Venture, S.L. and Enovating Venture Plus S.L, involving 50% Uliker S.L.

Through this new partnership, Enovating offers the unique real knowledge of both countries, their economies and dynamics.

More information: Enovating Venture

09 Jan
Hagamos posible lo improbable

Jon Azua collaborates in José Antonio Díez Alday journalist’s book (December 2013)

The journalist José Antonio Díez Alday has recently published a book of conversations with 12 personalities of political, social and Basque economic life, with the aim of provide some of the keys that will allow us to “back to the future with individual and collective responsibility to legitimate protests and propose viable alternatives”.

Jon Azua has participated in these dialogues with the author in a volume prefaced by Juan José Ibarretxe. Luis Cañada, Juan Manuel Seco, José Antonio Garrido, Koldo Saratxaga, Toti Martínez of Lezea, Javier Elzo, Juan José Álvarez, Constan Dacosta, Garbiñe Biurrun, Adolfo ‘Txiki’ Muñoz and Juan Ignacio Pérez Iglesias complete the list of collaborators, and Federico Mayor Zaragoza signs the epilogue.

“Hagamos posible lo improbable” has been published by Erein.