Plaza Euskadi 5, Planta 15 - Oficina 5 - 48009 Bilbao - Bizkaia

Who we are?

Enovating Lab is an innovative platform which generates ideas for the design, formulation and implantation of strategies for business and territorial competitiveness and for governments, both in the definition of their political strategies and programmes and in the process of making and implementing decisions. Founded by Jon Azua in 2003, it has its main offices in Bilbao but operates throughout the world.

We work to inspire people, companies, governments and communities seeking their own model of sustainable development in the era of the New Economy.

We believe that competitiveness and the co-creation of a company-society value are the driving forces allowing the articulation of coopetitive partnerships to create prosperity, wealth, employment and welfare. We believe that the city-regions make up the natural space for achieving success strategies based on the real process of the Glokalization of the economy.

Through our global connections with the best practices and thanks to our close relationship with the main centres of knowledge and a selective and strong network of world leaders and points of reference, we are able to offer our clients strategic assessment in the design, conceptualization, promotion, financing and creation of initiatives in the fields of business competitiveness and the development of regions, cities and countries.

We provide wide-ranging professional experience going back over 30 years in different responsibilities in the fields of business, government, the Academy and consultancy, in hundreds of initiatives throughout the world.