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enovatingLab ideas & estrategia


02/03/2014 - Rethinking the company
Presentation of the book #Estrategia00003 published by B+I in which Jon Azua participates with the article entitled "Rethinking the company" (February 2014)
01/27/2014 - New Players: The Cities
Experts from around the world discussed in Davos the contribution of cities in the new economic and social dynamics (January 2014).
01/20/2014 - The "reorganization of the world" and its consequences
Forthcoming World Summit of World Economic Forum which will take place on 22-25 January in Davos (January 2014).
01/09/2014 - Hagamos posible lo improbable
Jon Azua collaborates in José Antonio Díez Alday journalist's book (December 2013)
01/09/2014 - Enovating Venture Plus México
A tool that complements the services of promotion of business projects. (December 2013)
07/30/2013 - ¿Hacia un estado vasco?
Jon Azua brings his vision on the feasibility of a Basque State in Europe in a book that deals with Basque and catalan processes. (July 2013)
03/01/2013 - Interview - ESTRATEGIA EMPRESARIAL
Jon Azua, E-novating lab Chairman and Professor of the MOC's Orkestra“La política de clústeres es más adecuada hoy que hace 20 años”. March 2013
01/29/2013 - Next Conference: Propeller Club
The Keys of Competitiveness (7/02/2013)
10/16/2012 - Interview - GARA
"Cuanto más ando por el mundo, más apuesto por la independencia"
10/15/2012 - Interview - EMPRESA XXI
"Hay que corregir la tendencia al sector del clúster y romper otros en el buen sentido de la palabra"