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05/22/2014 - Economic Keys: Looking at Europe
Jon Azua's intervention in the round table organized by EAJ-PNV of Gipuzkoa.
05/14/2014 - Considerations about the recovery and economic development, by Cebek
Participation of Jon Azua, President of Enovating Lab, in the Business Meeting organized by Cebek.
03/17/2014 - Basque industry has an opportunity with two billion new consumers
José Ignacio Arrieta and Jon Azua, Ex-Ministers of Industry and Energy of the Basque Government, Eduardo Arechaga, Economic Director of Confebask and Josetxo Hernández Duñabeitia, Manager of ASLE, analyzed the bases to maintain and promote the Basque industrial sector.
02/03/2014 - 2014 edition of MOC Program
ORKESTRA, Basque Institute of Competitiveness offers its 2014 edition of the MOC (Microeconomics on Competitiveness) Program.
02/03/2014 - Rethinking the company
Presentation of the book #Estrategia00003 published by B+I in which Jon Azua participates with the article entitled "Rethinking the company" (February 2014)
01/27/2014 - New Players: The Cities
Experts from around the world discussed in Davos the contribution of cities in the new economic and social dynamics (January 2014).
01/20/2014 - The "reorganization of the world" and its consequences
Forthcoming World Summit of World Economic Forum which will take place on 22-25 January in Davos (January 2014).
01/09/2014 - Hagamos posible lo improbable
Jon Azua collaborates in José Antonio Díez Alday journalist's book (December 2013)
01/09/2014 - Enovating Venture Plus México
A tool that complements the services of promotion of business projects. (December 2013)
07/30/2013 - ¿Hacia un estado vasco?
Jon Azua brings his vision on the feasibility of a Basque State in Europe in a book that deals with Basque and catalan processes. (July 2013)