Enovating Lab Ideas y Estrategia

enovatingLab ideas & estrategia


Ongoing projects:

The main areas of research in which we are working.

  • “The Paradox of Internationalisation”. In an increasingly internationalised world where there is a demand for distinctive local action a new role emerges for businesses and governments in which particular importance must be given to joint development and a new way of understanding (designing & implementing) the internationalisation and localisation of business, to bring it into line with the definition of territorial and/or base area competitiveness in the Glokalization general frame. (Enovating Lab)

  • “Joint Creation of Value”. With the premise of redefining business models at firms oriented towards creating shared value, the concept of competitiveness takes its natural next step forward with the convergence of B+G+C partnerships, the incorporation of shared value heading towards a new vector, “Making the needs and demands of society into new corporate business models”. We are conducting applied research into three case studies in the health, energy and finance industries. (Enovating Lab - Uliker)

Other projects completed:

Some examples of collaborative research projects already completed with the participation of E-novatinglab.

  • White Paper on European Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness. It is the result of the collaborative project of the European Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness Lab platform.(Enovating Lab, Europe Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness Lab of the World Economic Forum, European Investment Bank and Bruegel)

  • "Competitive Cities and their connection to Global Value Chains". The document is part of the series of three reports drawn up by the Global Advisory Council for the Competitiveness of the World Economic Forum in its latest 2014-2016 period focused on the essential role that the City-Regions played in Competitiveness. (Enovating Lab - Global Advisory Council for the Competitiveness of the World Economic Forum)

  • "The Competitiveness of City Regions and their Effects as a Driver for the Competitiveness of their Firms". The interaction of many studies and projects conducted by the different forums, firms and organisations with which we work is channelled towards the case of Bilbao and the Basque Country to “test” for the determining factors of competitiveness in a city region. (Collaborative project in the WEF-GAC in Competitiveness)

  • "The Social Progress Index". Participation in the drawing up of the Social Progress index at sub-national and/or infra-state level, identifying the distinguishing variables for its measurement and composition. (Enovating Lab, Social Progress Imperative, ORKESTRA)

  • "Unlock the Competitiveness" opening its concepts and essential elements towards the true inclusive development, is the challenge that we set for 2015 and which has given rise to the new collaborative and applied research project undertaken from Enovating Lab. Faithful to our commitment with the interaction of the Academy, the Company, Territory and, above all, the ability to impact on Society, we are launching this new initiative. (Enovating Lab)

  • “Development Strategies in Complex Regions” (Enovating Lab & Identorki. 2009-2010)

  • "Perverse Convergence". From success factors to causes of the crisis. (2008. Enovating Lab)

  • “Clusterising the Economy”. Application to different industries and an approach based on the development of driver companies for internationalisation. (Enovatinglab + Business Strategies for Internationalisation)

  • "Innovation in Corporate Strategy". (R&D project in co-operation with B+I Strategy)

  • Smart Hiria: “Facilitators for Creating a Smart City”. (Enovating Lab)

  • Jakin Bask: “Smart Territories”. Spaces for creative economics in the knowledge society. (Tecnalia, University of the Basque Country, Fundación Metrópoli, Enovating Lab)