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enovatingLab ideas & estrategia

Enovating Venture: Design, promotion and participation in entrepreneurial projects


At this unit we promote and offer advice on entrepreneurial initiatives, chiefly in their early stages. We use two investment vehicles in this accompaniment: Enovating Venture, S.L. and Enovating Venture Plus, S.L. belonging to the Group.

As well as participating in the configuration of the project, its strategy and business model, we get involved in the search for and incorporation of partners and partnerships, both in providing the seed capital or development and in their accompaniment and management, with a desire to participate in the advisory and administrative organs through the corresponding councils.

The investment policy is confined to the field of attraction and interest of ​​the Basque Country, either in projects which are located here or in others promoted or shared by Basque companies and entrepreneurs which are set up abroad, for potential impact and mutual benefit in and from Euskadi.

E-Venture is a company fully owned by Enovating Lab. Similarly, we and Uliker, S.L. each have a 50% participation in E-Venture Plus articulating entrepreneurial initiatives, investment clubs, networks of entrepreneurs and international initiatives with multiple participations depending on the project and the country, while we provide a suitable vehicle for the incorporation of partners, usually in the destination country, adapting structures and specific glokal initiatives, engaging in specialized counseling in the different phases of the project from the idea to its creation and accompaniment in its strengthening, development and growth.

In this context, is register the society Enovating Venture PLUS MEXICO, S.A. of C.V., of recent constitution, exclusively dedicated to business projects between Euskadi and Mexico. To our overall applied experience in Enovating Venture Plus joins our unique actual knowledge of both countries, its economies and its key players that offer to our potential clients an unrivalled expert accompaniment from identifying opportunities, design of differential business projects, implementation, coopetitive partnership generation and local support partnership -in both countries- guarantor of the management and structure of the proposed initiative. In this way, any business initiative obtained a specialist advice with the synergy Uliker-Enovatinglab in all business areas and, where appropriate, functional as required.