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Shared Value Initiative

Enovatinglab is a full member of the network of consultants and promoters who belong to Shared Value Initiative, the global community based on knowledge and implementation of shared value as a key element in the co-creation of company-society value, the driving force of economic and social development.

Participation in this community enables Enovatinglab to extend and enrich its own Network Platform structure, as a result of its collaboration with leading organizations and professionals who, within the worlds of business and academia, are working to develop a new economic model, based on the co-creation of value.

“Shared Value” strategies for the co-creation of value promote a new leading role for companies in their commitment to resolving social needs, making the latter the core of their new business models and redefining the integrated strategies of their single economic and social objectives.

Enovatinglab - Consulting Affiliates

Conceived as a collaborative platform, Enovatinglab works as a partner in the Business Consulting Affiliate category within the Shared Value Initiative Community, rethinking strategical Business-Government-Society solutions enhancing an Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness space for their clients.

 We believe that Competitiveness and Joint Creation of Value by companies and society are the driving forces that enable coopetition-based partnerships which can create prosperity, wealth, employment and well-being. Through our worldwide connections with best practices, and a high-quality, selective network of global benchmarks and leaders, we offer strategic advice on the design, conceptualization, promotion, financing and creation of fields of corporate competitiveness and the development of regions, cities and countries.

A new period


The harmony between Shared Value Initiative and the academic input of Enovatinglab is strengthened by this partnership, reinforcing the line of work and the academic and professional commitment shown throughout his career by Jon Azua, the President of Enovatinglab.

Shared Value is no more than “a new stage” in a long and permanent journey towards competitiveness and well-being, the goal and vision of the Enovatinglab platform.

Enovatinglab therefore joins a community of world leaders who have had to prove their experience in their respective fields of work, constantly bearing in mind shared values as a hallmark of their professional commitment. The partnership ensures solvency and the commitment of its members to a new way of understanding the relationship between business and society, based on mutual benefit.

Global community of practice committed to the Shared Value

Shared Value Initiative is a global community committed to the adoption and application of shared value strategies by major companies, civil society and governmental organisations. Shared Value Initiative was set up in 2011 upon the basis of the academic input of Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer who, in their article in the Harvard Business Review titled “Creation of Shared Value”, offered a conceptual framework for the development of a world community of experts involving knowledge and implementation of shared values, leading to a new paradigm which transcends the call, corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.

Its members include main global corporations, non-profit organizations and foundations committed to the creation of shared value by companies and society.

With this partnership, Enovatinglab provides its clients with a renewed capacity to lead from the front with its strategic offer for the redefinition of its business models, its corresponding value chains and the progressive clustering of its economic activities.