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enovatingLab ideas & estrategia


07/23/2017 - Jon Azua and Mikel Navarro Interview (BERRIA)
Facing the challenges and obligations that Basque Society will have after the crisis.
04/25/2017 - White Paper on European Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness
Jon Azua has participated in the recent report published by the European Investment Bank and the Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness European Group of the World Economic Forum.
02/07/2017 - Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness in/from Shared Value
Collaboration of Jon Azua in the book #Estrategia00006 published by B+I Strategy.
11/23/2016 - Orkestra's 10th Anniversary
Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness has celebrated on Monday, November 21, its tenth anniversary.
11/23/2016 - Cities & Economy Forum
Bilbao organizes the first edition of "Cities & Economy Forum" to adopt an attitude as a business city and attract investments.
06/27/2016 - Basque Country Energy Cluster
Lecture presented by Jon Azua in the Institutional Act of the General Assembly of the Basque Country Energy Cluster.
06/17/2016 - Competitive Cities and their Connection to Global Value Chains
Jon Azua, member of Global Advisory Council of Competitiveness of the World Economic Forum, has participated as co-author of the published document.
06/07/2016 - Creating a platform for strategy and competitiveness
Enovatinglab advertising within the framework of the Basque Country.
04/12/2016 - The exciting challenge of the Revolution 4.0
New collaboration of Jon Azua in the book #Estrategia00005 published by B+I Strategy.
03/17/2016 - 12 Strategies to change a Country
Participation of Jon Azua in "Strategy Spain" project.